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Recently, “Kalki 2898 AD” director Nag Ashwin revealed an intriguing new figure to the film’s universe: Bujji, Prabhas‘s futuristic robotic sidekick Bhairava. Keerthy Suresh’s voice gives Bujji, a sophisticated, custom-built car as well as a robot, a distinct personality. This unique figure is expected to play a significant role in the story of the film, enhancing Bhairava’s exploits with both appeal and utility. The makers of Bujji revealed an exclusive first look at a special event given by the prestigious production studio Vyjayanthi Movies in Hyderabad. In addition to its premiere, a roughly one-minute teaser was released, showcasing Bujji’s features and design to the public. The occasion emphasized the sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology of Bujji, laying the groundwork for an exciting assimilation into the sci-fi scenario of the movie. Bujji is going to be more than just a sidekick—rather, a character that improves the plot and connects with the audience—thanks to Keerthy Suresh’s voice, which lends depth and personality to the character.

Kalki 2898 AD: Prabhas

In the most recent teaser for “Kalki 2898 AD,” Keerthy Suresh’s robot sidekick Bujji speaks in six different languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. The main focus of the trailer is Prabhas’s portrayal of Bhairava, who is trying to convince Bujji to agree with his military tactics. Even though they eventually come to an understanding, Bujji injects humor and sarcasm into the discourse, offering lighthearted contrasts to Bhairava’s grave manner. From calling Bhairava’s goals unrealistic to teasingly reminding him that he is the one who needs to change his shoes, Bujji’s sardonic quips and no-nonsense demeanor are evident.

A few days earlier, Prabhas posted a short video clip in which Bujji bemoans the lack of progress while the crew of “Kalki 2898 AD” puts together her “body,” a specially designed car. This excitement reached its peak on Wednesday during a large-scale function intended to formally present Bujji’s physical form. The location, which had been converted into a sizable stadium, offered a great setting for revealing the car to a small group of people. To the satisfaction of his followers, the ceremony was a little delayed, but when Prabhas arrived, the enthusiasm reached a climax.

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Prabhas took the stage at the function to thank the crowd for their continuous support throughout the years and to director Nag Ashwin for his visionary filmmaking. He recognized Bujji’s special role in the movie, which combines cutting-edge technology with a lively personality. This cooperation is demonstrated when, in the teaser, Bhairava begs Bujji to have a more upbeat attitude, saying, “Just one day, today, just be positive.” As expected, Bujji responds, “No, let’s go back,” demonstrating the robot’s unwavering and amusingly cynical demeanor.

Bujji’s invention is an amazing combination of cutting-edge robotics and dramatic narrative, enhanced by the genuine and compelling voice acting of Keerthy Suresh. The occasion not only emphasized Bujji’s vehicle form’s remarkable design and utility but also the movie’s dedication to pushing artistic boundaries. The intricate design and cutting-edge technologies that go into creating Bujji’s character point to a big advancement in the way robotic sidekicks are portrayed in movies.

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